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About Awe-ly™ Technologies

Awe-ly™ 3 in 1 Ear Endoscope Technologies

The pace of innovation is incredibly fast, with new things getting discovered daily. As part of contributor to technologies field, Awe-ly™ finally released the latest version of Ear Endoscope.

It is user friendly, which can use at anywhere and it can apply for Endoscopic Check, Inspect Theroat health, Check the Skin, Ear Checked, Hair Follicles check, and Hair Quality Check.

Advantages of The Endoscope Vs. Microscope


Awe-ly™ implemented the technologies of endoscope due to microscope is firmly defined and limited by the narrowest segment of the ear canal. However, the endoscope bypasses this narrow segment and provides a very wide view that allows user to "look" around corners".

On that of that, in order to improve user experience, we added in WIFI technology, which support for iOS and Android 4.2 or later phone or tablet through Wi-Fi connection. No wire or cable needed between phone and microscope, convenient for daily cleaning care, cleaning ear, digging earwax and applying medicine to the inner ear, ear disease patients can also observe the ear canal. 

Adjustable light source- When the camera feels dim, simple adjust the brightness of the lens LED by the Dimmer Button of the control box, so no more worry about the hidden place/ dark areas which difficult to be observed.

Nevertheless, we will continue to explore and re-inventing on newest technologies, and wish to bring all of our valued customer best experiences to use our product -Awe-ly™ 3 in 1 Ear Endoscope Technologies

Thank you.